My Background.

I completed my higher education and went on to study in the field that I like most and that is art, design and web graphics. I studied Graphic Design at Sydney College of TAFE and other courses which are listed in my resume.

After I completed my studies, I found short contracts and temporary jobs. Soon I had a permanent full-time role at AAT Kings as a graphic designer and worked there for about five years at The Travel Corporation.

I then moved on and started working for Wellcom Worldwide for more than five years as a Finished Artist. And then later I wanted to upgrade my skills, so I studied Digital Media and Technology.

Currently I have work as a Graphic Designer, Fixed Term Contract at Media Merchants for five months. I have gained more skills using Sketch to build EDM and Photoshop for animate advertising GIF, to showcase new products.


To view more of my print and digital creative artworks, which I have worked for variety of companies. please click to portfolio.